Private & Personal Chef

Creating a Wonderful Experience for You & Your Guests is Our Top Priority

Cocktail Parties   •   Aprés Ski Parties   •   Holiday Parties and Dinners   •   Sundance Parties   •   Weddings   •   Three or Four Course Private Dinners   •   Wine Paired Dinners & Tasting Menus   •   Cooking Classes   •   Team-Building Activities   •   Corporate Events   •   Home & Office Drop Off Meals

Some guest maximum and minimum restrictions may apply.

Our Personal Chefs offer our clients everything from a casual office lunch of salads and sandwiches,
to an exquisite private dinner with elevated cuisine and sophisticated service.

Private & Personal Chef To Your Doorstep

One of our most popular offerings is bringing fine dining into your home. For example, if you would like to host a private dinner for 12 guests we have a package that includes:

2 Appetizers
1 Salad
1 Side Dish
1 Entrée*
1 Dessert

*This item determines the price per person.

You make your selections and then we work with you to fine tune those items so they are personalized and tailored to the style and theme of your dinner party. Regardless of your event we will make sure you receive the best service and highest quality cuisine.

Featured Menu Selections

Large Scale
Full Service
Menu Samples
Appetizers, Action
Stations & Desserts

In addition to the menus and selections showcased on our website, our Private & Personal Chefs offer many specialty items and are able to create just about any kind of menu for you such as authentic Italian, French, Greek, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.

For questions, details, pricing
& availability, please contact us!